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Our instructors

Our instructors are certified and excellently prepared after conducting special training for professional teachers in the Reformer Pilates method.

Iva Mozakova

Iva is positive and smiling. A professional with great patience and individual attention to each person. It depends on precision and awareness of the movement. Along the way, he passed through different schools of training in yoga, yoga therapy, Pilates for problems in the limbs and Pilates for problems in the torso and spine, stretching.
She is interested in integrative techniques to restore the health of the body, such as working with myofascial chains and Chinese medicine. A constant seeker of knowledge.
Iva says that for her Pilates is much more than a workout. It’s an experience. Through movement we get to know and love each other. Exercise can be therapy, both for the body and the mind. Movement is a way to live fully and in balance with ourselves.
Iva is dedicated to what she does. Believes that every person has the potential for continuous development. He sees the people he works with as his inspiration.
In her training, Iva combines a perfect balance between a healthy workload and relaxing the body and mind.

Ioanna Yoncheva

Ioanna has been doing rhythmic gymnastics since she was 4 years old and has been a coach for several years. She has extensive experience in training with children. Ioanna is also an instructor of more intense fitness training for women. She adores to exercise and for her – exercise is health! Ioanna rediscovers reformer pilates and definitely conquers it! Her goal is to make people feel fulfilled, energetic, flexible and in control of their own body properly for good healing results.

Mikhail Bozukov

Mihail is a certified Functional Fitness and Reformer Pilates instructor. He has a long professional career and has significant experience in conducting group and individual activities. Athletics competitor and multiple medalist in 60m, 100m and 200m from state and international veteran athletics championships.

Q Reformer Pilates Studio thanks you and awaits you!